Business Overview

The importance of the child-rearing support business is growing in light of Japan’s two main economic policies (the so-called human resource development revolution and the productivity revolution) aimed at sustained economic growth. Diverses tructural reforms funded by generous, comprehensive subsidies are under way to address pressing problems such as low birthrate and long nursery waiting lists as more women enter the workforce.

In Japan, the longer-term structural issue of fewer children and population decline due to a falling birth rate remains a concern. Still, in its major cities there is huge potential demand for childcare facilities for infants and young children under the age of three, and even a conservative forecast indicates market growth through next few decades.

In 2000, the government allowed private companies to enter the childcare business. Since that, new players from various business sectors including major corporations moved into the market as a result. However, specialist operators, like us have claimed the highest market share, as their childcare expertise and solid track record have proven crucial to successful nursery operation.

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- Licensed nursery business -

Licensed nurseries are the mainstay of our child-rearing support business. These facilities fall within the jurisdiction of MHLW and are governed by the Child Welfare Act. Users of licensed nurseries sign a contract with the local government and pay a usage fee in proportion to their income, while the local government signs a contract with an operator such as GG.

- Non-licensed nursery business -

GKC also operates non-licensed nurseries that are independently certified and subsidized by local governments such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Users of non-licensed nurseries sign a contract with us directly.

- After-school clubs and
children's center business -

GKC also manages after-school clubs that are supported by government initiatives to provide after-school care and promote after-school classes for elementary school children. In addition, the company operates children’s centers for all youth sunder age 18 (under MHLW jurisdiction, and governed by the Child Welfare Act).